Eliminating Stress

How to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

By Karim Hajee

You ever have one of those days – you know the kind where you’re just completely frustrated and totally stressed out? I’m sure you have – most if not all of us have had that kind of day every once in a while. But did you know that the root cause of all stress – the kind that makes you want to throw your hands up in the air and just scream – is your thought process? That’s right – what you think and how often you have certain thoughts – cause your stress. It’s been proven over and over by researchers around the world. And here’s the best news – if you fix the problem at the root cause – you’ll eliminate all the stress. How do you do this – I’m about to explain in this week’s newsletter. So read on to learn how to eliminate stress from your life – that’s right you can eliminate it and I’ll also show you how to start enjoying life again.

What is Stress?

I know you’re probably saying stress is stress. I know I have it because I just know. Okay – but what exactly is stress – it’s important to understand what stress is so that you can address it, change it and eliminate stress. Let’s go by the proper Definition, which says: “Stress is the by-product of thoughts. These thoughts that cause stress fit into 2 categories:

1) they are thoughts related to an event that has already taken place – better known as the past

2) they are thoughts that relate to a situation or event that may or may not take place – also known as the future.” For example: when you think about an argument with a friend that took place recently – your thoughts are focused on a passed event – you are in the past. If you think about the bills that have to be paid tomorrow or next week – then your thoughts are on the future. You may worry about the stock market – your thoughts are on the future. You may recall a troubling experience – your thoughts are on the past. In all situations your thoughts that cause the anxiety, and stress are thoughts of the past or the future.

If you find you are experiencing stress or anxiety – make note of your thoughts ich consists of events that have already occurred no longer exists – it’s over. The future – which consists of events that have yet to take place and is undetermined, does not exist – it hasn’t happened and may not happen – so why worry about it?

However, as human beings we exist in the present moment – we exist here and now. This present moment is the only thing that is real. The past doesn’t exist today and therefore is not real. The future, which has not yet happened, is also not real – only your life today and what takes place now is real and this should be where you live and this is what your mind should concentrate on.

I know you’re probably saying: “Sounds great – but what the heck do you mean? And how am I supposed to do this when I’ve got bills to pay, a family to feed and a job that I hate?” Okay – so what are you stressed out about? My point is that you’re not stressed because of the situations that exist – you’re stressed because you don’t think you can pay the bills, you don’t think you can feed your family and you don’t think that your job is going to get any better. How do you eliminate the stress?

Focus on what is happening now.

You have a job – do the work. You have a family – enjoy their company – you can feed them today – feed them today. You can save some money today – save some money today so that you can pay the bills tomorrow. Get the mind to think this way and you’ll eliminate the stress. Once you start doing this – you stopped thinking about the past or the future and you have shifted your focus to the present – your thoughts and life is focused on the present – suddenly there is nothing to stress about because the present is perfect.

When you start focusing on the present moment you will begin to realize that the stress and anxiety that you experience in life comes from a mind that is focused on the past or future – but never focused on the present moment. Is it possible to stay focused on the present moment all the time? No – in fact it’s virtually impossible to stay in the present all of the time and thus it is the challenge of life to stay in the present for as long as you can. However, if you stay in the present moment more often than you focus on the past or the future – then you will eliminate most if not all of your stress and anxiety.

What You Can Do Today

The key to eliminating your stress and anxiety is to re-direct your thoughts. Once you focus on the present moment your mind can no longer think about the past or worry about the future. When this happens you are no longer a slave to the mind, you are no longer a slave to the past and you are no longer a slave to the uncertainty of the future. Instead you become the master of the present moment and if you can master each day – you’ll never have stress, fear or anxiety.

One of the best ways to get this process started is with meditation. The Creating Power system teaches you a simple meditation but if you want to get started simply go for a walk and focus on everything that is going on around you. Appreciate the sounds, the sights, the interaction of people – all which is taking place in front of you.

If you want to see how living in the moment can eliminate stress, fear and anxiety – pay close attention to the next young child or toddler that you encounter. Notice that they have no concerns about the past or the future. They do not worry about when their next meal will come – they’ll eat when they are ready. Yes they don’t have bills to pay – but more importantly when a child gets upset – it quickly forgets and moves on to the next thing. If its toy is damaged it may demand a new one but it will quickly pick up another toy and move on. It can cry one minute and be laughing the next – having completely forgotten why it was crying. The child is living in the present moment – it only appreciates what is going on now. By doing this – the child is able to live a spontaneous, unpretentious and usually happy life. They are in a constant effortless state of mediation. Are you doing the same?

Living in the present moment does not mean you have to regress to being a child or immature. Instead, living in the moment requires that child-like ability to move on despite setbacks. To quickly forget what happened and enjoy what’s in front of you. This requires that you be aware of yourself and your surroundings – all the time appreciating who you are and those situations and people around you.

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