Positive Thinking and Financial Success

By Karim Hajee

Having financial success can make life a lot easier not to mention the amount of freedom you may feel once you know that you are financially secure. Financial success is something many people aim for but few actually are able to enjoy financial success and the reasons for falling short of that goal are really quite simple. If you’ve tried saving money, investing, working harder, changing jobs and your finances still haven’t improved then maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your financial beliefs and try a different approach.

In this week’s newsletter I will outline how you can create the mindset that will lead you to financial success and create the kind of wealth and happiness you want in all areas of your life.

Why Some Enjoy Financial Success

Over the years I’ve had the chance to study successful people and I examined everything from their mindset to their habits in business and their personal life. The common thread that I have found is that they have developed a belief system that continually catapults them to success and maintains their financial stability. Those who are financially successful have an absolute belief that they are or will be successful. Don’t get this confused with wishful thinking – which is where you say: “Someday I’ll be financially independent.” That’s not what I am referring to here. It’s not merely thinking big, or hoping for a better day that leads to financial success.

The key to their success is they firmly believe – no matter what their current reality dictates – that they will achieve financial success. Now I know some of you may say: “Sure Karim, they’ve already achieved some level of financial success – so it’s easy to believe that they will continue to do so after all they have a proven track record.” Not so fast. That really isn’t the way it worked. The financial success mindset came first. You can talk to anyone from Donald Trump, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffet – anyone whom you consider financially successful and you’ll find that they had the firm belief that they would succeed – no matter what. I call this belief a resolve – they have resolved in their mind the level of success that they will achieve and then they create a plan of action – and they follow it everyday with the resolve that they will succeed. They stay on track by having the willpower to continue no matter the setback – always learning from each setback while considering failures as opportunities to

learn and grow.

Whatever you believe with conviction – what ever it is that you intensely believe – will become your reality – regardless of what you do. This is the Law of Beliefs – so the key to your financial success is to create a new belief system that corresponds to what you want in life.

What’s Your Belief System?

If you’re not achieving the kind of financial success that you want in life then it’s time to take stock of your beliefs and discover what is holding you back. The first step in this process is to write down all the beliefs you have about your finances and your financial picture. Then we have to change them to correspond to what you want in life. So if you find it difficult to make money or make ends meet – then write down all the beliefs you have about making money and making ends meet. If you are having a tough time getting money together for an investment or a business you want to launch then write down all the beliefs you have about getting the money for your business or investment. For example: you may believe that it’s tough to make money, that money is the root of all evil, that nobody wants to invest in your business, that you need a lot of money to start a business and no one will lend it to you.

The challenge now is to create new beliefs that correspond to what you want – and this isn’t going to be easy. Why? First – you’ve had those beliefs for a good deal of time – they’re the end result of a pattern of thinking that has created the beliefs. Next – you’ve attracted the people and situations that correspond to those beliefs – which further make those beliefs real and a part of you reality. Finally – you can’t simply take an eraser and wipe out those beliefs that have been there for so long. I wish it were that easy – but it’s not. So here’s the challenge: How important is your financial success? If it’s important to you then you have to commit to changing those beliefs. If you cannot create the resolve and the commitment to change those beliefs – then the exercises I outline will be pointless.

Creating A New Belief System

So just how do you create a new belief system? The first step is to start changing your thoughts. You’ve just listed all the limiting beliefs that you have – now change them to correspond to what you want. That means if you believe it’s difficult to make money – change that to something like – it’s easy to make more money. There are plenty of ways to make more money. If you believe it’s difficult to make ends meet – then change that to – It’s easy to make ends meet. I’m finding ways to make ends meet and make more money. If you believe no one wants to invest in your business – change that to – I’m finding the right people to invest in my business. Merely changing them doesn’t create a new belief. You have to implement these beliefs by making them new thoughts –which you think about and inject into your mind everyday. How do you do that? Every time you think about your financial picture, your business, or how you’re going to make ends meet or make more money – switch your thoughts and think about the new statements or new beliefs that you just created. Focus on what you want and you’ll attract that into your life. Focus on what is going wrong and you’ll attract more of the same – it’s really that simple. The challenge is to do it regularly.

I know some of you will be saying: “Come on Karim, do you really think that by changing my thoughts I’ll change my reality. Isn’t it just another way of lying to myself?” No it’s really not lying to yourself. In fact don’t look at it that way – think of it as a way to create your new future. Have some fun with it – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Importance Of Self Discipline

When you examine those who are successful you’ll find that they have tremendous self-discipline in all areas of their life – but more so when it comes to the discipline of their mind and managing their finances. If you don’t discipline your mind you won’t be able to maintain the discipline you need for success in any area of your life. To develop this discipline start practicing the exercise I outlined – but also do the following – track your thoughts during the day. See if you can talk about and focus on only what you want and the level of success that you want – without focusing or talking about what you don’t want. By doing this you’ll get a clear idea of the kind of work that you need to do and you’ll understand exactly what is holding you back.

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