Power of Meditation

By Karim Hajee

One of the key ingredients to success, happiness and enjoying inner peace is meditation. Now there are a lot of forms of meditation and you’ll probably hear conflicting opinions on the different forms of meditation. I’ve practiced meditation for over 25 years now and teach the same method in my Creating Power system that I’ve been working with for more than 25-years. Today I’m going to outline the benefits of meditation and how you can begin meditating in minutes. So read on and enjoy.

Benefits of Meditation

Over the last 20 years scientists, doctors and researchers have been studying the benefits of Meditation and they have all come to similar conclusions. Among the findings, meditation reduces blood pressure, meditation improves the body’s ability to heal, meditation allows more oxygen to reach your blood – thus providing more energy, meditation improves your ability to focus, meditation reduces anxiety, stress and fear, meditation is more likely to increase confidence in a child or adult. The list goes on – but the bottom line is that meditation can work wonders for you.

In our own studies we’ve found that meditation increases a person’s ability to concentrate – after a few weeks of meditating regularly many find that they are better able to focus on work and other tasks. We’ve also found that meditation increases your ability to calm your mind and direct it to focus on achieving your goals – thus eliminating stress and negative thinking while giving you the opportunity to improve your life dramatically.

Those who meditate regularly have a more upbeat view on life, and are more likely to succeed than those who don’t. Joe Montana – former NFL Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and 3-time Super Bowl Champion says he mediates regularly and has been meditating since his teenage days – he attributes much of his success to the benefits of meditation. In short – some of the most successful people in the world practice some form of meditation. If you want to achieve success and if you want to truly enjoy the life – then I strongly recommend that you begin meditating.

There are many forms of meditation – Creating Power teaches you one form – a meditation that only requires 5 minutes a day and when combined with the other techniques you’ll learn in Creating Power will generate astounding results for you. To learn more cl^ick this link: Start Living Now. To Learn more click here

How To Meditate

As I said earlier there are many forms of meditation – all of which can be beneficial. The key is to find one that works for you. The meditation I teach in my Creating Power system is very simple and straightforward – it’s terrific for those who are just getting started. Don’t get me wrong – you can work with the meditation that I teach for your whole life and you’ll still get great results – you don’t have to try different forms of meditation and there isn’t a higher level of meditation – they all are supposed to achieve the same results. If somebody tells you that one form of meditation is better or that his or her form of meditation is a higher level – it’s nonsense. Meditation is mediation – and when done properly and correctly will get you results. There is no higher form or a better form.

You’ll hear all kinds of things when it comes to meditation. Some people will tell you to chant, face east, sit a certain way, have your palms up or hold your hands a certain way. All of this is done to simply get you to focus on something and create a discipline. It really has very little to do with the actual practice of meditating.

Meditation is the art of focusing on something without any distraction or clearing the mind – keeping it quiet – which is also focusing it – but in the latter you are focusing on stillness – nothing but silence.

So if you want to meditate then begin by getting to a quiet place, get in a comfortable position, make sure you’re comfortable – then close your eyes and just start relaxing – take a few deep breaths – let them out slowly – let your mind drift for a few seconds. As you proceed – your breaths will become regular – and then begin focusing on your breath. Pay attention to your breath – as you continue your mind will want to drift – when it does this – gently begin focusing on your breath.

Doing the above exercise will get you started – but many of you will find that your mind is drifting – in fact most of you will not be ab life you want and achieve all your goals. Start Living Now. To Learn more click here

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