Power of Keeping an Open Mind

By Karim Hajee

Every week I hear from people about how they want to achieve their goals and about how they often try but feel they're just getting not getting anywhere. Amazingly - after talking to them for some time I discover that they indeed have had plenty of opportunities presented to them - but they have closed their mind to the possibilities and their stubbornness prevents them from achieving their goals. When this happens - they greatly decrease the odds of any success.

You would stand a better chance of creating the life you want, growing as a human being and experiencing success regularly if you simple kept an open mind. I'm about to outline why we need to keep an open mind, how to go about keeping an open mind, how not to limit your opportunities by closing your mind and how to recognize opportunities through keeping an open mind.

The Importance Of Keeping an Open Mind

When you have an open mind you allow yourself to attract opportunities and you insist on following up on opportunities - no matter how trivial they seem. Keeping an open mind means that you are open to all possibilities. This means that you don't say - "Oh that's not for me. There can't be anything good in that." Or "Why would I want to do that? That's not what I was looking for." Or "I won't even consider that." Hey - let's remember one important factor - you don't know everything - and you don't always know what will or won't work out for you. If you never try something you'll never know what whether you like it or if it will work out for you - and thus you can't say if it is right for you or not before even exploring the opportunity further.

Now I'm not talking about trying everything under the sun - but when you work with the power of your mind and subconscious mind as I outline in my Creating Power course - you begin to attract new opportunities. On the surface some of these opportunities may not seem like what you want but the only way to truly find out is to take a closer look and examine them.

Here's an example: Years ago when I was embarking on my Journalism career I was offered a job as an intern at CBC Radio in Toronto. I was between semesters at NYU and had to come up with enough money to pay for my next semester's tuition - not to mention the debt I had incurred from the first semester. The job didn't pay much and I had another offer from another station - but it didn't start for a few weeks. I decided to explore the opportunity with the station that offered the internship - while it didn't pay much - it offered a tremendous experience. My second day as an intern one of the network's correspondents had a heart attack and would be out for a few months. At the same time there was a breaking story in Toronto and they didn't have a reporter to cover it. My boss sent me - and in the process launched my career as a Reporter. They bumped me to full Reporter status within a week and suddenly I was making the money I needed to pay the next semester's tuition.

A couple of things were in play before all this happened. I had worked with the powers of my mind and subconscious mind as I outline in my course. I recognized that I had asked for something and my subconscious had brought the opportunity - now I had to follow up and explore both opportunities, which I did. I used the very same techniques I outline to make the right decision and thus was able to capitalize on the opportunity - that's why things worked out.

Had I not followed up on the opportunities presented, had I instead been stubborn and insist on getting a high paying job to only pay for my tuition I would have never reaped the rewards of the opportunities presented. By keeping an open mind I was able to try something different, while working with the power of my mind and subconscious to make the right decision.

I know some of you may say "Karim I need the job now I have to pay the bills and what I'm getting isn't what I need." You don't know where these opportunities will take you. Some of them will work and some of them won't be right - but you won't know if you don't keep and open mind and try something or at least look into it further. Don't ever assume that you know how thing are going to turn out - you don't. When you work with the power of your mind and subconscious mind - you'll also be able to make the right decision. Part of keeping an open mind is to understand that something may be right and sometimes something may be wrong - while fully understanding and accepting that you will make the right decision.

When you work with the power of your mind and subconscious mind you will attract opportunities. The Creating Power system shows you how to do utilize the amazing powers of your mind and subconscious mind so that you attract opportunities and make the right decisions. This is what allows you to create the life you want while eliminating negative and unwanted situations.

How a closed mind limits your chance for success

When you close your mind you essentially become stubborn and become a victim of the ego mind - you end up having an attitude that goes something like this: "This is what I want and I want it now. I'm not willing to try or accept anything else." This kind of attitude shuts you off from the process of life and nature - which is about growing and experiencing new possibilities. Think about how many times you were resistant to trying something new only to eventually give in and discover that you really enjoyed the process? I'm sure it's happened countless times. Kids are a perfect example. At first they are resistant to trying new things and then when they do - their whole attitude changes.

When you close your mind and become stubborn you essentially tell yourself, your higher self, and the natural forces of the universe that you're not willing to go the extra mile - that you're not willing to grow and experience new things. If you are not willing to grow, experience new things and instead choose to be stubborn or closed minded then there can be no change and no progress in life and things will never improve - it's that simple.

I'm not asking you to try everything under the sun, I'm not asking you to compromise your ethics and values - those are very important. But keeping an open mind also means to try and look at things a little differently and to see what else may be out there.

I know of many people who refuse to keep an open mind - who refuse to examine opportunities when they are presented only to end up getting frustrated and angry - often saying: "Things just suck - nothing ever works for me and I can never get a break." You are always given new opportunities - and so called "breaks" but if you close your mind to them things will never change.

If you want change of if you want to improve certain aspects of your life then you have to keep an open mind. The Creating Power system shows you how to train your mind and subconscious mind to attract and explore new opportunities - so that you begin achieving your goals and create the life you want. Don't limit yourself - learn how to attract new possibilities and make the right decisions by working with Creating Power and develop the power of your mind and subconscious mind.

How to Recognize Opportunities

If you want to recognize opportunities first realize that when you put out a message - when you seek to change or improve aspects of your life you will be guided by your subconscious mind. Often these opportunities will come to you in various forms - rarely do they just fall in your lap or slap you in the face. Instead you may get a suggestion from a friend, you may read about something in the paper, hear something on the radio, a family member may also make a suggestion, someone from the past may come into your life with an opportunity - examine them. Be more alert - listen to what people say - pay more attention to what's going around you. Ask yourself questions like: Why is this happening at this particular time? Why did that person make that suggestion? Was I seeking something - and did they have something of value to offer? Remember it goes both ways - sometimes somebody may present you with an opportunity, sometimes you may present them with an opportunity - sometimes you may help each other. When you're open to possibilities you'll recognize them.

This process requires a higher sense of awareness - something that comes with practice and comes when you learn to work with the power of your mind and subconscious mind.

I'll go back to my earlier example - when I got the job as an intern, which launched my career as a reporter. The idea of applying for the job came to me from a friend - who had just started working fulltime at the network. I remember examining the opportunity - looking at the credentials of my friend. Here was someone whom I trusted, who was experienced in this field and who had my interests at heart. When I looked at the messenger I trusted that the message might be very helpful - because the messenger was credible. This is very important in making decisions and following up on opportunities. Examine where the message is coming from. A neutral party, someone who has your interests in mind, or is it coming from a source you don't trust and are skeptical about. If you're still not sure you can instruct your subconscious mind to guide you. You can do this by simply saying: "I'm making the right decision." This is the art of focusing on what you want and not focusing what you don't want.

Getting the mind and subconscious mind to work for you - to create opportunities and to guide you to making the right decisions is crucial to your success.

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