Power of Patience

By Karim Hajee

Are you among the millions of people who would like to see things happen in an instant? Do you find that you want to get something done, achieve a goal but would like it to happen now - rather than later? Well if you are - then you may actually be doing yourself more harm than good. That's because in order to excel in life and achieve your goals you need to utilize the power of patience.

Over the last week I've noticed that more and more it seems people are becoming impatient and what was strikingly interesting was that the more impatient they got - the further away they seemed to push themselves from achieving their goals. We want things yesterday, when we decide we want to achieve something we want it right away, and when we decide we want to change or improve ourselves we too want this to happen right away. But if we look at human beings as part of nature - which is exactly what we are - and if we examine nature carefully you suddenly realize that nature doesn't create change in an instant.

Ralph Waldo Emerson perhaps said it best in one simple line: "Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience" - and that patience can lead to the perfect life - if you understand how to work with it and nature together. I'm about to explain exactly how you can do this - so please read on.

Why Patience Is Critical to Success

Ask any successful businessman or entrepreneur and they'll tell you that they never rush into a decision. Sure they'll follow their gut instinct - but they'll take plenty of time researching, studying and thinking - waiting until the right moment to make a decision.

When you examine nature's process you find that it works perfectly and has a great deal of patience. For example: you plant a seed, water it, leave it for some time, then at the right time - when all the right elements are in place - that seed turns into a flower, a vegetable or whatever seed you planted. But this only happens when the conditions are right. However, there was work to be done before those elements came into place. The seed had to be planted, it had to be nurtured, it had to be left alone to begin to grow and spring roots under the soil, then at the right time - it began to rise above the surface into exactly what it was meant to be.

Without the prior efforts, without the planting, the watering and the incubation period - the seed could not have sprung above the ground. It would have not been what it is today without all that work.

If you want to achieve success, or any goals you set out - you have to practice patience. That doesn't mean you sit around and wait. No, instead you have to do the work first, lay the foundation, plant the seed, make sure the soil is right - prepare and then wait for all the elements to come into place before making the right decision that will propel you to greater success.

Unfortunately most people don't practice this process and end up feeling pressed to change things right away.

When you ignore the process of nature - when forget about the power of patience and instead react to situations looking for the next quick solution - you work against nature and in the end get pushed back further.

If you want to be successful and achieve your goals you have to practice a certain amount of patience - and this is what my Creating Power system teaches you to do. With Creating Power you'll learn to direct your mind and subconscious mind, you'll learn to take the right action to get results and you'll understand how to generate the power of patience to work for you - so that you do move forward and achieve your goals.

How Impatience Works Against You

When you're impatient - when you don't trust and accept that things will work out - you actually get slowed down, distracted or end up on the wrong track - then you wonder: "How did I get here?" Here's an example: suppose you're in line waiting to pay for something - and it's a rather long line but there's another cashier with an equally long line. If you huff and get angry - it won't change anything. If you jump to the other line - it may actually take longer (I'm sure many of you have had this happen), if you leave - you quit and don't get what you want. Sometimes you'll leave saying you'll come back when the line is shorter - but most people rarely go back. So by being impatient you either got angry, thought the grass was greener on the other side - but actually waited longer or you quit and never got what you wanted. Had you been patient, chances are you would have made your payment and moved on. I know some of you will say: "Yeah but what happens when the other line does move faster - I'm not going to stay where I am." Of course you won't then move along - my point is - don't assume that the grass is greener on the other side - deal with what you have and what you know - be patient and you'll make the right decision.

Now let's take a look at something that is a little more serious - and this is something I hear a lot about. Let's say you want to increase your finances and you want to make a million dollars - I have a lot of people call me and tell me that they want to make a million dollars right away - say within 3 months. I then tell them that while anything is possible - it's unlikely to happen. Some get angry and hang up - I guess I didn't tell them what they wanted to hear and they didn't get the quick fix that they were looking for. But here's why it's unlikely to happen in 3 months. There is a process that needs to take place. Just like that seed can't grow above the ground in 3-days - that seed has to go through its natural process. So do you - and part of that process is growing. If you want to make a million dollars - you could look for that quick fix, make risky investments, try different schemes, gamble, buy lottery tickets - but you would likely lose more money in the process. Or you could start laying a foundation to make a million dollars - you could start building a business and increase your revenue year over year. You could start with more solid investments - and build on them year over year. You could come up with a solid financial plan and build on it year over year. This notion of getting things right away ignores the process of nature, eliminates the power of patience and will just set you back further.

Unfortunately in today's society we want instant satisfaction. We want something that will fix everything right away. We want a pill that will cure everything. We want our food ready in an instant. But nature doesn't work instantly and we are creatures of nature - we are part of nature. We operate on the same schedule, the same platform. We start off as infants, grow to adults, age and pass on. Just like aspects of nature.

Success in life doesn't happen overnight. Creating a business and making it a success requires patience. Having impatience in business is inviting disaster. Relationships take time to build and improve - having impatience in a relationship is a sure way to end it. Finding the right job requires patience and effort, having impatience in a job search is a sure way to get rejected.

In all of the above examples and other aspects of life things can happen in an instant - but your success in them will require patience. For example: You may meet a partner tomorrow - but the success of that relationship will require patience - so that it has the time to grow and succeed. You could come up with a business idea tomorrow - but its success will require patience. You could find a job tomorrow - but your success at it will depend on how patient you are not only on the job - but also with co-workers and bosses.

If you want balance and harmony, if you want success and happiness - you have to do all that you can and then utilize the power of patience.

The Creating Power System shows you how to get started on the road to success and happiness by getting you to lay that foundation, plant your seeds for success - and then how to utilize the power of patience. Creating Power is the complete course that shows how to send the right messages to your subconscious - so you make the right decisions and accomplish your goals.

How Patience Pays Off

I can best illustrate how the power of patience brings enormous rewards with an example of Peter - and old friend of mine who has had a very successful career and rewarding life.

10 years ago Peter and another friend Desmond, started working at the same company - both had similar entry-level position and both had great ambitions. Peter was always the more patient laid back type - whereas Desmond was on the hyper side - always itching to get something done, showing little patience and always wanting to move up in the company quickly. After a year on the job Desmond was already looking to move on and find something new. He demanded a higher salary or a promotion - threatening to leave. A few months later he left the company and tried to talk Peter into doing the same thing. Peter - chose to stay. Desmond went from job to job - always looking for something better. The longest he ever stayed at a job has been 2 years. When I last spoke to him a few weeks ago - he was out of work and looking again. He said his name had been tarnished because he had gone through so many companies in such a short period of time. "I guess they just don't want somebody who has no patience with management." He explained when we had lunch. I thought it was fascinating - his impatience had actually worked against him.

Peter is still with that same company and is now a Senior Manager in line to be Vice President of his own division within a few years. His salary has tripled and he has the seniority and respect of his superiors. "I guess they just like the fact that I've stayed and put up with them. It has it's up and downs - but I try to focus on the good and hope my patience will pay off." I recall Peter saying when I spoke to him just before writing this newsletter.

The power of patience is incredible - you have no idea how many good things can happen to those who practice patience. I'm not asking you to sit around and wait for things to happen. Peter didn't do that and I don't practice that. By patience I mean develop an understanding that things take time to happen - that you do the work and you reap the benefits when the time is right.

If you planted a seed and stood over it waiting for it to sprout through the ground - you'd go crazy. If you planted a seed and ignored it - it would die. If you planted a seed and placed a rock on top of it - it would never flourish. But if you planted a seed and did the work to help it grow, cared for it - it would flourish and thrive.

The same applies in life. Do your work, do the best that you can - be patient and understand that things will fall into place at the right time. If you want a new job - do what you can to find a new job, go out and do the work, but then practice patience - knowing that it will come at the right time. I know some of you may say: "Karim, I need the job now." Remember - your impatience will work against you. But if you utilize the powers of your mind and subconscious mind as I outline in my Creating Power system - you'll be able to attract the right job and the right situation at the right time.

What ever it is you want to happen in your life - it will in time - as long as you work with the power of your mind and subconscious mind. Some of you may say: "Karim, I've been patient a long time - but nothing has happened." Have you done everything you can to improve the situation? Have you worked with the powers of your mind and subconscious mind on a regular basis so that you attract the right situation? If not - then ask yourself why not? Why aren't you giving yourself every opportunity to succeed in life? Why aren't you developing the power of your mind and subconscious mind? Is wishful thinking getting you any closer to what you want to achieve?

When you work with my Creating Power system you'll work with all your powers and you'll be able to attract new, wonderful situations that will propel you to success. Creating Power shows you how to utilize the power of your mind and subconscious mind so that you get results.

Do you want to be successful?

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What if I told you that what you believe is what you get. And what you have right now in your life, good or bad, was created by your current belief system. The good news to all this is that you can change your belief system -- yes you can change what you believe about yourself, the world, everything -- and create the life you want.

The key is to learn how to train your mind to work with your subconscious mind

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