Creating Changes and The Subconscious Mind

By Karim Hajee

Recently I've come across a lot of people who want to change their lives. They don't want to change just one or two aspects of their lives - they want to change their lives completely.

But the truth is -it's not their life that they want to change it's the way they live their life and the circumstances that make up their life.

Your life consists of a number of aspects, and different things that take place at different times. You have your job, your friends, your social life, your family relationships, your finances, your home, and a number of other aspects that fill your life.

Now if you feel you want to change your life - take a closer look and you'll find that there's a good chance that you want to change certain aspects of your life.

Here's the good news - if you change those aspects that you are not happy with it or don't like - then you begin to dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Changes and the Subconscious Mind

All change begins on the inside.

What you see around you, those aspects that make up your life and the quality of your life are merely a reflection of your own thoughts, beliefs, feelings and energy. Your reality - your life - is a mirror of who you are and what you believe.

If you are having difficulty in any area - simply examine your thoughts and beliefs about that area and you will see that your reality reflects your beliefs.

I know you may say: "Of course my reality reflects my beliefs that's why I have these beliefs - my reality simply proves what I believe." That may be the case - but that's not the way it works.

Researchers have proved, what we believe has a direct impact on our reality.

How does this work?

Science has proven that your subconscious mind picks up on your beliefs and then acts as your driver - taking you to the situations, events and people that correspond with your thoughts and beliefs.

If you have negative beliefs and negative thoughts - your subconscious will take you to negative people, negative situations and negative events. You'll simply end up creating a negative lifestyle.

If you believe that it's difficult to make m'oney - then your life will reflect difficulty when it comes to money.

So in order to change your life - to change those aspects that you are not happy with - you have to create the changes from the inside. Sometimes this is very difficult for people to do - because they refuse to believe that they are actually creating the life that they don't want.

But only when you accept that you do create your life - and realize that you are responsible for things that unfold - then only can you begin to make changes to help you improve your life.

This means you have to change your beliefs, change your attitude, change your habits and change your actions so that you can change the situations that you are not happy with.

If you have a negative attitude - change it - and you'll begin to improve the quality of your life.
If you have regularly have negative thoughts - change them.
If you have a negative belief system - create positive and empowering beliefs that work for you.
Give your driver - your subconscious a new set of instructions so that you start creating the life you want.

Change Your Attitude

To begin changing from within you should probably start with changing your attitude. This means changing the way you see things, changing the way you interpret things, changing the way you deal with people.

To do this you have to be more open minded, look at the positive side of things, search and find the positive spin on things, look for the good in people instead of just focusing on the negative.

Changing your attitude will take work. It will require that you throw out all those negative pre-conceptions that you have about people, situations and events in your life.

I suggest you start by taking stock of your attitude - do an attitude check up. The next time you respond to a person, or a situation - check and see if you have a positive or a negative attitude. If it's a negative attitude - you have to change it.

Creating a new and positive attitude requires that you go from passing judgement, interpreting something, thinking that you know everything, etc., to being open minded, considering all possibilities, giving people the benefit of the doubt and focusing on a positive outcome while being ready to learn something new and grow in different ways.

When you do what I just outlined you give your subconscious mind a new set of instructions.

You tell it that you are ready to see change unfold, that you are open to new possibilities, that you are willing to do what you can to improve your life and that you want more positive situations.

Your subconscious mind then responds to your new attitude by helping you improve your life. Your subconscious does this by guiding you to positive situations and people that will help you create the life you want. Good things happen to people with a positive attitude.

Give yourself and attitude checkup.
Begin changing your attitude.
Start attracting new and positive situations into your life.
Make changes from the inside and you'll being to dramatically improve your life.

Careful What You Think...

You may be able to develop a positive outward attitude but remember - change has to begin on the inside - then your reality and the circumstances of your life will begin to change. This means removing, eliminating or changing any of your negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts lead to negative beliefs which lead to a negative attitude and ultimately create a negative life. In other words, keep those negative thoughts and life will only get worse.

If you always complain or focus on what is wrong, or point out what you don't like in people you'll only attract negative situations into your life.

So be careful what you think - because you might just get it.

The next time you find yourself having a negative thought change it. Switch it to a positive thought. If you don't you'll find yourself having a series of negative thoughts, Whic will lead to a negative attitude and a negative life.

For example: Suppose you want to meet the right person and you go to a part with a friend where you meet people who just aren't what you are looking for.

Instead of pointing out all of their flaws, think about their positive qualities. Think about the things that went well. You met knew people, while they may not be qualified to be the right person - they're sill good people. By looking at their positive qualities you'll attract more people with positive qualities.

By simply changing what you think you can begin changing the circumstances of your life.

Choose to have positive thoughts.
Eliminate negative thoughts.
Focus on the positive - and you'll attract more positive situations.
Feed your subconscious mind positive messages, create empowering beliefs that will launch you to success and happiness.

 Karim Hajee

Karim Hajee

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