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Making Money with Your Subconscious Mind

Making money with your subconscious mind is possible, you just have to give your subconscious the right instructions so that it helps you make more money.

A lot of us dream of being wealthy, so that we no longer worry about money. You may try lotteries, work harder, try investing, and you hope, maybe even pray that you can make more money.

The truth about making money is that it all starts in the subconscious mind.

One day, my friend, let’s call him Lee, shared how he used to get irritated whenever his wife discusses their finances.


Well, after some deep reflection, he finally discovered why he didn’t like talking about money. That’s because his parents always fought over money when he was a kid.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, your subconscious money beliefs were programmed very early in life.

If you’re stingy as an adult, perhaps your parents always told you that money is scarce, so you should tighten your grip around it.

You Can Change Your Subconscious Mind’s Money Beliefs

Your subconscious mind will believe anything you say to it, regardless if it’s true or not. But there’s also a downside to that.

If you keep stuffing your subconscious mind with dis-empowering or negative thoughts and beliefs, then that will stop you from being a success story or from making the millions you want.

You see, thoughts are like magnets, they attract what you repeatedly think about. So, if you keep telling yourself, “I am a money magnet,” then somehow the Universe conspires to make that happen by attracting the right opportunities for you.

But here’s the deal…

Your subconscious mind will resist anything that contradicts its old beliefs. So if you say to yourself that your business is making lots of money, but in the back of your mind you believe can’t run your business and it will never make money, then simply won’t be able make more money in your business.

So, how do you change this?

Remember, your subconscious mind will believe anything that the conscious mind tells it. That means you can also get your subconscious mind to release all of its negative and defective beliefs about wealth, money and success.

Using the Power of Your Words for Financial Freedom

Using words in a strategic way will help lessen or completely eliminate the grip of outgrown negative thoughts, negative habits and negative beliefs about money. Here are some beliefs or statements that could help you.

  • “I am financially and spiritually wealthy.”
  • “Money comes to me naturally and repeatedly.”
  • “I have more money than I need.”
  • “I know how to make more money.”
  • “I am a money-making machine.”
  • “I am very capable in succeeding at anything.”

The main things to remember when saying your positive statements are (1) say it with strong conviction and (2) it should be in the present tense form.

Always remember that financial freedom starts by freeing your subconscious mind from cluttered and negative thoughts. So, it’s only sensible that you start by priming your subconscious mind for making money.

Believe that you can and will make more money, fill your mind with thoughts that say you can make more money, and you’ll get your subconscious mind to help you make more money.
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