Subconscious Mind and Positive Thinking

Subconscious Mind

Positive Thinking and Your Subconscious Mind

Positive thinking can have tremendous power when you have positive thoughts planted on your subconscious mind. And now you can train your subconscious mind to accept and respond to your positive thinking – here’s how.

Your subconscious mind is an integral part of our survival and success. Your vital organs, like our heart, lungs, and digestive system, are able to function 24/7 without your conscious effort because of your subconscious.

A majority of your thoughts, which amount to around 60,000 per day, are picked up by your subconscious. These thoughts automatically surface into our consciousness as a response to external stimuli.

With those functions alone, we can see how important it is to keep our mental health in tip-top shape by guarding our thoughts carefully – out with the bad, in with the good.

4 Tips to Plant Positive Thoughts On Your Subconscious Mind

Tip #1: Be aware of your thinking and behavioral patterns.

In order to make the necessary changes, it’s important that you have sufficient knowledge about yourself and how you think or react to certain situations or people.

What are some of the red flags that you should watch out for? Here are some of them:

  • Having the “I-don’t-deserve” or “I’m-not-good-enough” attitudes
  • Anxiety coupled with resistance to change
  • Expecting the worst in everything
  • Getting caught up in the typical “blaming” or “victim of circumstances” game
  • Extreme need to get the approval of others

On the other hand, positive people have the following qualities:

  • Live a life with a clear purpose
  • Engage in healthy relationships
  • Have high self-confidence and self-worth
  • Accepts help from others
  • Sees the good in every difficult situation

Tip #2: Stop nurturing negative emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

Instead of getting rid of negativity, a lot of people embrace it. It can be addicting. That’s why some people, if not most, like to hate because it makes them feel good.

Too much of this, however, will eventually wear you down, including your physical health.

So, if you’re not in good terms with someone, be sure to focus your attention on making things right between you and that person. Stop comparing yourself to others. Avoid situations that will trigger your temper. And get rid of the negative thoughts by replacing them with positive thinking and positive thoughts when ever you can.

Tip #3: Create a positive environment.

You can’t control the world. But, you can certainly control your own world. Create an environment that will attract positivity into your life.

Start by keeping an inventory of what you read, watch, and listen to. Stop watching melodramatic movies or shows. Listen to music that has inspiring and positive messages and make you feel better.

Limit your interactions with negative people, like the worrywarts, the whiners, the haters, and so on. You’ll grow more as a person if you hang-out with people who are mature and positive thinkers.

Tip #4: Practice relaxation and meditation exercises.

A mind that’s relaxed is more receptive to new information. It also helps you to prepare for different helpful mind-conditioning exercises, such as visualization and autosuggestion.

Filling your mind with positive thoughts is the first step to achieving success in any areas of your life. So starting today make it a habit, a new habit to plant positive thoughts on your subconscious mind and eliminate the negative thinking that’s destroying your life.

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