Understanding Your Subconscious Mind Power

Mind Power:

Understanding Your Subconscious Mind Power

When you understand how your subconscious mind power works you  quickly discover just how much power you really have.

The power of the subconscious mind is tremendous and understanding this power allows you to shape and create your life. How does it work? What’s so special about it anyway?

In this article I’ll provide more on your subconscious mind power and how to harness it.

To fully understand what your subconscious mind power is and what’s so special about it, it’s important that you understand its relationship to its partner, the conscious mind.  So, let me explain it by giving you the Secret Garden analogy.

The Secret Garden Analogy: How the Conscious and Subconscious Shape Your Reality

Our mind has long been a mystery to many of us. Scientists have yet to discover many of its “secrets.” Your subconscious mind is like a secret garden while your conscious mind is its ever faithful gardener.

The gardener (consciousness) is the one who plants all kinds of flowers and trees in your secret garden (subconscious). The flowers and trees are your thoughts, belief system, experiences, and habits.

This garden doesn’t discriminate; it lets any plants grow on its fertile soil. That’s why we should always be careful on what we feed our conscious mind, which in turn sends this information to your subconscious mind. If you’re not careful, these bad seeds will grow and slowly take over the whole garden.

You see, your thoughts will significantly impact your life. They will manifest themselves through your actions, decisions, personality, and reactions. Your subconscious mind has the power to attract specific people or situations that are in line with your dominating thoughts or mental images.

You have to understand that you hold the key to let your subconscious mind flourish and manifest the reality that you’ve always wanted.

Understanding Mind Power: 2 Helpful Mind Power Exercises

Exercise #1: Pretend and Believe It

When we were kids, we always like to play pretend, right? We imagine ourselves to be a successful doctor, lawyer, pilot, and so on.

That’s exactly how we can re-condition our subconscious. We have to use our imagination to picture out what we “desire” most in life. As what I’ve mentioned in the Secret Garden analogy, the subconscious believes whatever the conscious tells it.

Take note, I said “desire.” If you want something bad enough, if you really believe it will happen, your inner thoughts somehow collaborates with your subconscious mind to do everything possible to reach your goals.

Exercise #2: Create, Perform, and Repeat

Why are TV commercials and radio jingles so effective?

Two things: repetition and distraction. They divert your conscious mind’s attention so that it can go directly to your subconscious, which is more powerful. The repetition will help imbed the messages permanently into your mind until it becomes who you are.

Try to make the most out of this by creating positive affirmations for yourself. You can even create a poem, which you can recite every single day or whenever necessary. It’s also helpful to identify and write down your life goals.

Now you have a better understanding how your subconscious mind power works. So, decide today that you’ll do your part in nurturing a healthy subconscious mind to make your life prosperous and happy.


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