Subconscious Mind Power and Changes

Subconscious Mind and Changes

Creating Changes With Your Subconscious Mind Power

3 Things You Can Do To Successfully Create Changes In Your Life

You can create lasting changes with your subconscious mind when you apply and direct your subconscious.
Real change happens when our subconscious mind works for you and not agains you.

It’s that powerful. And that’s why you should present the necessary conditions that will make your subconscious mind more open to what you want. Here are 3 tips that you can do to effectively create change using your subconscious.

Change is both good and bad. But for most of us, it’s considered bad. Fear takes over our system. And when that happens, our brain automatically switches to defensive mode—never good.

Our conscious mind might realize the value of change, but if you feed your subconscious negative information about change it won’t create the changes you really want. Instead, it could create what you don’t want, because it will simply respond to your negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

Your past conditioning and beliefs might hinder “good” change to take place, but there are ways to convince your subconscious to agree with what you want to happen.

3 Tips to Make Your Subconscious Mind Receptive to Changes

Tip #1: Ask your brain a favor
When a friend or a family member says “can you do me a favor,” what would your response be?
Usually, people would listen first before deciding whether to help or not. But, most of the time, the response is positive.
Our subconscious might be resistant at first, but if you ask it a favor and repeat it every day, it’s bound to give in.

So, here’s what you should do…

Every night, before going to bed, take a few minutes to ask a silent favor to your subconscious. Perhaps you could ask it to help you pass your finals with flying colors. Or help you make a small but important decision. Start small before proceeding to the big ones so you develop more confidence and trust your subconscious.

Engage all your senses here. Taking the example above, imagine how it feels to get a high mark. See yourself celebrating right after because of that accomplishment. Feels great, right?

It should. And your inner mind will pick that up and remember it. When that happens, it will produce changes in your behavior and beliefs to make things possible.

There’s no fixed rules as to how long you should do this. You can even do it under 5 minutes.

Let’s be realistic here. It could take some time to get the result you want so be patient.

Tip #2: Take action

While affirmations and visualizations are good, it’s not really enough. You have to take the battle outside the realm of your mind and make little changes as you go along.

For example, you want to quit smoking. So, you create positive affirmations for you to recite each day—good. But, you would like to couple that with concrete action, like eating chewing gum or using electronic cigarettes as replacements to the real thing.

This is to help your mind slowly adjust and realize the good points of changing something in your life. This will also prevent it from panicking and turning on its “defensive” mode.

Tip #3: Keep calm and relax.

When your mind is relaxed, it’s more receptive to suggestions. You can do meditation, yoga, praying, or other stuff that you do to release stress.

It would also help if you eat healthy foods and drinks and get enough shut-eye. Remember, a healthy body also gives way to a healthy mind.
There are other things you can do to create the necessary changes in your life but start with these 3 – they’re amongst the easiest things you can do to create the changes you want with your subconscious mind power.


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