Subconscious Mind Power and Relationships

Mind Power and The Subconscious

Relationships and Subconscious Mind Power – Are You Tired of Unhealthy Relationships?

Your Subconscious mind power is not only good for attracting wealth and great opportunities into your life. It can also help you a great deal when striving to develop and maintain great relationships. In this article I’ll explain how you can apply your subconscious mind power improves relationships.

Whether we’re talking about your relationship with your partner, parents, friends, or co-workers, you should know that there’s another “invisible” person in that relationship – your subconscious mind.

Understand this…

Your thoughts fuel your emotions. Your emotions will affect your behavior and language.

You are usually unaware of these thought and behavioral patterns. They are usually automatic as a result of the earlier conditioning of your inner mind (subconscious), which mostly stores deeply embedded beliefs and habits.

They’ve become automatic to you as a result of your earlier conditioning that deeply embedded both negative or positive beliefs and habits on your subconscious mind.

How to Condition Your Subconscious Mind Power for Great Relationships

Find out the specific emotion that drives your actions and words. Is it fear, anger, or feelings of hurt or guile? It’s important that you develop a “conscious awareness” of these things in order to get rid of self-limiting beliefs and replace them with more effective and empowering ones.

Your conscious and subconscious should be in agreement with each other. If they’re in conflict, you’ll never enjoy the relationship that you’ve always wanted.

For instance, you want a loving and long-term relationship. But you unknowingly always find a way to sabotage your “almost perfect” relationship.


Because you’ve got a pattern of thoughts and beliefs planted on your subconscious mind that force you to destroy your personal relationships, even those that are in line with exactly what you want.

Your conscious mind is pretty stubborn. The more you force it to do or believe something it doesn’t want, the more it becomes resistant to change. That’s why you need to use the right approach in order to make its defenses weak, like picking the right statements that will lower its anxiety levels.

Okay, how would you react if your partner tells you “You HAVE TO make more time for me”?

What if he or she says it this way?

“I would really appreciate it if you made more time for me, but you really don’t have to if you’ve got too much going on right now.”

Same message just delivered differently.

Avoid criticizing and holding grudges and other negative emotions; because these will only reinforce your mind’s negative thought patterns.

Create positive mental pictures of how you want your relationship to unfold.

Think of what you can do to improve the relationship

Think of how you can help your partner improve the relationship.

Focus on improving the relationship – so that you direct your subconscious mind power to help you improve the relationship.

Your thoughts and emotions will highly influence your actions. The good thing is that your subconscious can’t tell what’s real and what’s not.

So, if you keep flashing positive images, it will create positive emotions, which will help in loosening the grip of limiting beliefs on your relationship.

This will take time and patience. Rest assured, however that attaining a subconscious mind power that’s fully prepared for a healthy and happy relationship is really possible. And when you have your subconscious mind power focused on making your relationship better, it will get better.

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