Mind Power Explained

Mind Power and The Subconscious Mind

Mind Power Explained

Just what is mind power? There are a number of theories but even without a detailed scientific explanation, Mind Power continues to produce amazing effects on the areas of health, relationships, and finances, especially for those who believe in it. So, what is this really? How “powerful” is our mind power?

Do you know what’s really amazing?

It’s amazing how only a few people in this world know what mind power is and how to use mind power to their advantage.

We see a lot of people feeling powerless and stuffed with negative perceptions about the world and about their capabilities. It doesn’t have to be this way.

How Mind Power works

Simply put, mind power is a person’s ability to have full control of his or her subconscious mind and direct their subconscious to produce specific outcomes or desires.

When we say mind power, there’s no such thing as “limitations.” You see, the only limitations that really exist are the ones that you impose upon yourself. What you perceive in your mind is what you’ll become.

Long ago, space travel was only but a pigment of people’s imagination. Fast forward to the present, commercial space travel is already being offered to those who can afford it.

The Power of Strong Will and Mind

If there’s no strong will, there’s no power of the mind.

We often hear on the news about people miraculously healed from life-threatening illnesses because of their steadfast spiritual belief in a supreme being, who we normally refer to as God.

Is it a hoax or is it real?

This is one great example of how our Creator ingeniously made our mind – it has the power to heal the body, that is, if firm faith and willingness are also present.

Take the studies on the effects of placebo as examples.

Placebo is a Latin word that means ‘I will please.’ It is a “fake” drug (e.g. sugar pill) that’s designed to make people believe that it’s a potent drug that will treat their condition.

For instance, in a meta-analysis done by Khan, it was found out that there was a 30% decrease in suicide and suicide attempt cases in the group who received placebos.

In Kansas in the 1950s, patients with angina (tightness or squeezing sensation in the chest) were asked to volunteer to go through a new surgical procedure for their condition.

All of them were given anesthetics, but only half of them have actually undergone the procedure. The rest of the pa

tients had their chest cut and stitched just to make them “believe” that they underwent a major heart operation.

Amazingly, all patients experienced significant improvements in their condition.

Of course, there are also unrealistic desires, like losing 10 pounds in just a blink of an eye. That is not what mind power is all about.

Mind power is about training your subconscious to break free from its limiting beliefs and aligning it to your conscious mind in order to achieve anything that you put your heart and focus on. That’s mind power.

So if you want to take full advantage of your mind power and create changes and new positive situations in your life, focus your attention, and thoughts on what you want, fill your mind with thoughts of achieving the success you want, begin believing that you can and will succeed. This is what mind power is all about – you taking charge of your life.

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