Mind Power and Healing

Mind Power

Using Mind Power to Heal and Overcome a Sickness

Is mind power really effective in healing or overcoming a sickness? It’s been long believed that our mind has the natural gift of healing. But because of modernization, this idea was exchanged for more advanced medical technology and interventions. So, let’s rediscover how mind power can help you become healthy, heal and overcome a sickness.

What if you’re suffering from a painful and exhausting illness right now and somebody tells you that you can heal yourself using your mind, and subconscious mind, what would your reaction be?

You might be skeptical. Or you might just believe them, depending on your perspective.  Anything is possible when you keep an open mind. And that person isn’t crazy.

Why do some people with a terminal illness, like cancer, survive compared to others with the same affliction?

Think about this…

The same healthcare services and medical treatments are available to them.
Granted it’s the same illness, the pathophysiology (structure and effects of the disease) is pretty much the same.

What’s the difference?

Well, some people seem to obsess about their disease – they can’t stop thinking about it. That’s why it gets worse.

You see, our mind is your body’s source of energy. They mind and body are connected. If one is affected, the other one also suffers.

The Scientific and Spiritual Explanations of Mind Power and Healing

According to Tibetan medicine, our body gets sick because of the poisons (negative thoughts and emotions) we store in our minds. They refer to this as “grasping at self.”
They believed that there are three categories of illnesses. These are disharmonies of the…

Bile, which is caused by hatred.
Energy, which is caused by desire.
Phlegm, which is caused by ignorance.

If you hang on to negative thoughts and emotions (e.g. worrying), it will only cause your body to be stressed out, which would eventually lead to poor physical health.

Scientifically, mind power can be simply explained through our limbic system.

Our limbic system, which is composed of nerve fibers, is in control when it comes to our emotions and other automatic body processes. It also unites our hypothalamus (responsible for appetite control, sleeping patterns, and body fluid balance).

As we all know, our thoughts elicit certain emotions. In turn, these emotions will produce physical effects. Like when we feel fear, we’ll have shortness of breath, increased heart rate, and dizziness.

So, in order to use our mind power to produce healing to our body, we should recognize negative thought patterns and harness a positive mindset and attitudes.

How Can You Develop Mind Power For Healing?

Visualization – by filling your mind with positive images, it will cultivate positive emotions, which in turn create positive physical effects. In other words, it facilitates better working relationship between your mind and body to promote better health.

Meditation – this helps you get rid of thoughts, your body’s energy, that nurture unhealthy emotions, thus making your mind more relaxed and leads to better physical health.
Positive Thinking – Practice positive thinking by filling your mind with positive thoughts. This means getting rid of the chronic negative thinking that can destroy your health and life.

Using your mind power to heal and overcome a sickness is possible. You just have to educate yourself, believe you can and practice patience to fully benefit from using your mind power. Seeing your Doctor also helps a great deal.

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