Mind Power and Imagination

Using Mind Power and Imagination

Using Mind Power to Achieve Your Goals

Your mind power can manifest anything you want and when you power it with some imagination, it can turn the almost impossible into the possible.

Humans are truly blessed with a highly advanced and intricate mind, and a tremendously powerful subconscious mind.

If continuously fed with positive information, mind power can trigger anyone’s limitless imagination, and that can open the floodgates to greater success, innovations and turn dreams into reality.

Everything we are, everything that our senses perceive, are real in our subconscious.

The subconscious welcomes all the information it receives. It doesn’t even matter if the information doesn’t exist in the physical world.

Your subconscious mind just picks up the thought that occupies your “conscious” mind. It matches it with your accumulated beliefs, memories, and learned behavior in the past years, and then spits out its interpretation back to your consciousness.

This process enables you to make decisions, solve problems, give opinions, and interact with your environment.

Your subconscious mind is so powerful that in the “Law of Attraction,” it is widely believed that it can attract the right events, opportunities, and individuals that will create what we want in life. This is what mind power is all about.

Mind Power and the Power of Imagination

“Imagination has given us the steam engine, the telephone, the talking-machine, and the automobile, for these things had to be dreamed of before they became realities.”
– L. Frank Baum, intro, The Lost Princess of Oz

All of us have the gift of imagination, and so we have mind power, which unlocks our true potential. It helps us to think of creative solutions for problems that exist in our real world.

There are just a few factors that put our imagination to hibernation. And they circle around the kind of social experiences, beliefs, emotions, and memories that you store inside your mind.

If they’re all negative, your imagination will definitely be paralyzed. So, you’ll tend to follow someone else’s goals or solutions because you can’t make up your own.

The negative thinking destroys your ability to aspire to be better and achieve more, and in the process slowly destroys your imagination, which further limits your ability to grow and excel.

Of course, as a positive thinker, the sky’s the limit, you’ll be able to  unleash your hidden potentials when you continue to feed your subconscious positive information.

When you’re positive and upbeat, imagination flourishes. And this will help re-direct and focus your mind to find solutions to your pressing problems.

It is through imagination that we can mentally undo previous wrongs and study and apply new and better behaviors.

To guide your imagination, you have to practice some mental toughness. You can do this by using different methods, like visualization, positive self-affirmations, mantras, and meditation. So, when planning to use your imagination to be successful in life, here’s an acronym to serve as your simple guide.

M – Make sure to visualize the exact thing you want to achieve.
I – Involve all your five senses to trigger your subconscious, the seat of your mind power.
N – Note down your concrete plan of action. This will help things become clearer, so you know what still needs to be done.
D – Do take the right action and be prepared to overcome obstacles.

Truly, we are blessed by our Creator because of the gift of imagination, which fuels our mind power, and feeding your subconscious mind positive and optimistic information you in turn fuel your imagination. Mind power and your imagination a powerful combination that can lead to greater success, happiness and a more rewarding life.

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