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Mind Power

What You Should Know The Power Of Your Mind

Mind power can be difficult to harness if you don’t understand how the mind or subconscious mind works. To develop mind power you have to follow some simple steps and guidelines.

How do you define the word: mind?

If you go scientific, you might say that it’s just a product of neurological activity. That’s true. However, there’s so much to it than that.

For years, psychologists and philosophers have tried to define and determine the function of the mind, hoping to discover the nature of man and the truths of his physical world.

The mind is actually believed to have two “operators”: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Each has their specific responsibilities and attributes.

During our “awakened” state, it’s the conscious mind that does most of the deciding, solving, reasoning, filtering of information, and actual interaction with the outside world.

The “hidden” mind is what we call the subconscious. Most of our collective memories, experiences, and beliefs are hidden in this area of our mind. It doesn’t respond to words, but responds to thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and how you see the world.

For instance, the image of a cross with a man crucified on it is often associated to Catholicism or Christianity. This is a belief that we’ve grown to associate with the cross of a man crucified on a cross.

Your subconscious accepts everything that the conscious mind says as real and creates your life based on the information your conscious mind delivers. If it says that you are broke, then that’s going to be your truth.

Your Perception Is Your Mind Power

Have you heard the famous line “I think, therefore I am”?

Rene Descartes came to that conclusion after doing an experiment that has to do with his thoughts. The result, which is stated in that one line statement, showed that what you think is who you are, regardless if it’s matched by concrete evidences in the real world.

If I say I am handsome, then that’s what I am.

That’s why mental exercises, like affirmations and creative visualization, are very effective in reformatting negative mindsets and allow you to achieve success in different areas.

Your subconscious mind won’t judge or criticize whether the information you’re feeding it is fact or purely fiction.

Your, mind power has always been within your grasp. It has been waiting for you to discover and develop it in order to help you achieve fulfilling relationships, successful careers, and excellent physical, spiritual and mental health.

So, what do you wish to achieve right now and in the coming years? List them down. Erase all doubts, and start priming your mind with positive thoughts so you unleash your mind power.

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Great article! I also believe in the power of the subconscious mind and use affirmations daily to help me achieve my goals. I don’t say these outloud, but just mentally. If I find negative thoughts creeping into my mind I overide them with affirmations. I also find having an visualisation board helps.

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