The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction: 3 Steps to Making It Work

The law of attraction works and is at work every day, even at this moment, as you read this article the law of attraction is at work.

Sure you may have doubts and wonder is this something real or is it just another gimmick to sell books on the subject. You’ll likely find some wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing trying to get you to buy their book or course without really knowing all the details about the Law of Attraction.

Many books and movies, like The Secret, repeatedly talk about the law of attraction even though skeptics argue there’s no reason to believe in it.

I hear a lot of people say that the law of attraction doesn’t work for them and when I took a closer look, I can clearly see why.

They think that it’s some sort of an intangible “wishing well.” That when they drop a coin, the wishing well will grant absolutely anything they can think of. They think the law of attraction will simply give them the strength of 20 men or put a million dollars in their bank account without them doing anything.

The law of attraction doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t turn completely out of this world dreams into reality simply by thinking and believing. It requires that you take some action, and that’s the main reason why people fail with the law of attraction – they just don’t want to do anything.

In it’s simplest from, the Law of Attraction simply states: “like attracts like.”

Whatever you think of most of the time, it will eventually materialize in your reality or in your world.

The energy behind your thoughts and emotions, which are picked up by your subconscious mind, would bring the right people and situations closer to you to make what you think and believe a reality.

And that’s where the problem lies: it pulls everything, both the negative and positive situations and people. So you have to actively choose to be positive and focus on what you really want.

Your mind and subconscious mind can bring you poverty or prosperity, misery or happiness, health or sickness. It all depends on what you regularly think and believe.

As you can see, the law of attraction it’s pretty neutral. It goes either way, depending on how YOU use it and the state of your mind. And it works whether you’re aware of it or not.

So, what steps should you take to be a magnet for positive things?

3 Crucial Steps to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

Step 1: Practice mindfulness thinking.

You have to be “aware” of your thoughts; that means pay attention to what you think about and how you feel.

By being aware, you can find out what you need to change in your inner self (very important), so that you can attract the appropriate things necessary to reach your goals and aspirations. You can do this by doing careful reflection or meditation.

If you don’t take the necessary steps to change your thoughts, you’ll continue to be stuck in a life full of dissatisfactions, struggles, and emptiness.

Step 2: Keep focus.

Once you’ve identified what you want, focus on it. Writing it down in your journal or creating a vision board often helps to keep your eyes on the goal. As you keep thinking about it, a strong desire is created within you and everything becomes clearer on what needs to be done.

Step 3: Nurture positive thoughts.

Weed out toxic (negative) thoughts or emotions, they’ll only attract the same things and cause more pain.

Get rid of un-forgiveness, resentment, anger, jealousy, and fear, among others. If your thoughts are a product of stress, find ways to reduce or eliminate stress.

It’s not going to be an overnight thing, but the law of attraction really works. The law of attraction is an effective principle when you truly believe and have take concrete actions to develop and use the power of your mind and subconscious mind to bring what you want.

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Thank You for such amazing details. We are grateful for enjoying your blog and like you for this.


Thanks great article. I really enjoyed it and it made a lot of sense.


what you want and move your life towards, it is time to lock your sights with desire. In order to use law of attraction for your growth, you must be confident about your goals. Write down the reasons why you want the thing you listed

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