Letting Go

Letting Go: Essential Process to Getting What We Want

Letting go is an important process to manifest what you want in life. While it’s easy to say: “Let go and move forward” it’s not always easy to do . When it comes to letting go you have to nudge your mind to think about something else and get it (and yourself) to move forward. One of the best ways to do this is to focus on what you want to happen in your life now, tomorrow and 5 years down the road.

When you tell your mind “let go,” it’s like also saying: “trust me.” And it’s not so easy to trust especially when you don’t know what will happen next. But just about every day you don’t know what will happen next. So while you have a need to know and believe that everything will be okay, you have to trust that you’ll make through when you let go.

When it comes to actually letting go and putting the plan into action, you’ll likely have some doubts and fears. That’s okay, you can start using mind power to help you let go and move forward.

Letting go is about trusting and moving forward. It’s also about trusting that you will get what you want in life – no matter what it is. It’s also about understanding and accepting that your life will be fine even if you don’t get what you want.

The more doubts you have, the more you worry, the more you remain uncertain and don’t trust, the more you deprive yourself of better opportunities and greater abundance.

Once you learn how to train your mind to let go, and have that trust you’ll attract and get exactly what you want in life.

Things You Can Do To Help Your Mind Be Okay With Letting Go

1) Acknowledge and Focus

You don’t have to bury negative thoughts or emotions six feet under. It’s okay to acknowledge these unwanted visitors. But If you keep those negative thoughts and feelings, like fear and desperation, you’ll block your success.

The important thing is to focus on your goal or desire for a few minutes each day with the help of mind power techniques, like creative visualization and positive affirmations. Then you let go, move on with your day (start moving forward) and don’t fret over your goals. If those doubts come up, just focus on your goals again.

2) Feed Your Mind with Evidences

At the end of the day, your inner self only needs reassurance that everything’s going to be A-okay. So, recall some incidents in the past where you completely let go. What made you do so? What was the outcome?

Your religious faith, for instance, is a form of letting go. You don’t see God, but you choose to believe and allow Him to take the center stage in your life. Or if you don’t believe in a Supreme Being, take gravity as a perfect example. You don’t see it, but you believe it exists; because you experience its effects.

3) Assume a Blessed Mindset

When you feel appreciative, your mind won’t have time to entertain negative thoughts and emotions, such as fears or doubts. When you overly desire something, your mind tends to think that it’s in a time of famine, so you’re more susceptible to these unwholesome thinking and emotions in fear of not receiving what you want.

Letting go is a crucial step for manifesting events and getting what you want in life. Though you can’t put a permanent restraining order on negative feelings or thoughts, you can continuously train your mind remove them and develop the trust and faith that comes with letting go, so that you overcome those setbacks and achieve the success you want.

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This is a nice article. I do agree that the ‘fear’ sitting in our sub-conscious mind is what we need to ‘Let Go’ to make it easy to build trust. If the negativity of the ‘fear’ takes over, the sub-conscious mind will not work towards our goal.

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