Success With Mind Power

Working with Mind Power

By Karim Hajee

Mind power plays an important role if you want to achieve specific goals or even improve your life in certain areas. You can even apply mind power to help you get through the day and make things easier for yourself.

You’re always using mind power, you just don’t realize it and you likely don’t work with it to create specific outcomes. And that’s only because you haven’t chosen to focus on a specific goal or a specific result.

When you have a particular goal in mind, when you want to accomplish something specific, you then focus on it, you think about it a lot, you go through the possibilities and in the process you use your mind power to help you achieve the result you want.

Usually you do this for smaller goals or even day to day things that need to get done. You need to get a project done at work, you focus on it, put your mind to it and in the process apply mind power to get it done.

However, those bigger goals you have often don’t get the same attention and in the end you don’t use mind power to accomplish those goals and that’s why you never get the result you want. It’s also why you will give up before completing. Your mind is not focused on it, there isn’t any attention given to the goal, you don’t apply mind power to create the result you want. Then you wonder why things don’t work out.

Using Mind Power To Create Success

So how do you use mind power so that you accomplish your goals?

First think about what you want and you should have a clear idea or know exactly what you want. If you’re vague, you’ll get vague results. By being specific you direct your mind power to work on a specific outcome. If you’re vague your mind power will only bring you vague results.

You should meditate on what you want, think deeply about what you want to achieve, or accomplish. It’s okay to make changes to what you want as you think about it more, but just make sure you come up with a definite answer. Then you can begin to direct your mind power to help you achieve the specific goal.

So now that you know what you want you can come up with an action plan to succeed. You now have to decide what you to do to achieve this goal. You may say that you don’t know, and that’s okay. Focus your attention and direct your mind power to help you discover the right actions, so that you do the right things to achieve your goal.

As you did earlier with getting specific you should now regularly think about your action plan, meditate on it, think deeply about it and by doing so you get your mind power to help you come up with real answers and a real action plan. When done right, your mind power will compel you to take the right actions so that you succeed.

Your next step should be to start to see the result you want. Planting images or seeing things unfold the way you want is a powerful way to get mind power to bring you the success you want.

This process is commonly known as visualization. The more often you see your success the more powerful the images become. The more powerful the images, the easier it is for your mind power to help you get the result you want.

To plant these images in your mind simply close your eyes and start to see yourself succeeding. The images should be clear. And if needed, you can also use pictures from magazines or the web to help you better define your images.
You want to have clear images so that your mind power recognizes them and creates similar situations in your life.

Use your imagination and have some fun with the process.

Perhaps the most important thing to do to help you succeed in working with mind power is to get rid of negative thinking, worry, fear, anxiety and any negative beliefs.

This isn’t as difficult as you think. To replace negative thoughts simply create positive thoughts and positive affirmations. These can make a big difference in your ability to succeed. Negative thoughts cripple mind power and doesn’t allow you to get the full benefit of mind power.

So try have positive thoughts throughout the day and work with positive affirmations as often as you can. When they become part of your life you’ll have mind power working for you on a much more powerful level.

For mind power to really work it’s crucial to keep positive thoughts, have positive thoughts as they create more positive energy. It’s this energy that mind power draws from and this energy also attracts the people and situations that will help you succeed.

Keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. Think about your goals as often as you can. By doing this you keep your mind power focused on the goal and the result that you want.

When you think about your goals you should think about how and why you can achieve them. Don’t think about what might go wrong. Think about why you can and will succeed. This will help you stay motivated and allow you to push forward.

When you think about your goals you will have some negative thoughts come up, there will be some thoughts of doubt, and that’s okay. Change the thoughts.

To get the full benefit of mind power and to really get your mind power to work for you it’s vital to keep your thoughts positive and to keep repeating positive thoughts.

Mind power is always at work. You are always working with mind power. Now choose to apply mind power to help you achieve some of your important goals, and you’ll see success sooner. That’s the real power of mind power.

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