How Your Subconscious Mind Works

 How Your Subconscious Works

The subconscious mind is an important component of our brain. It highly influences our personality, behavior, beliefs, and even the functioning of our vital organs. If you’re wondering about how your subconscious mind works, here’s a brief overview to help you understand it better.

The Brain’s Two Important Divisions—The Conscious Mind and The Subconscious Mind

According to some experts and well-known psychologists, like Sigmund Freud, the brain has two divisions – the conscious and the unconscious.  What are they? How do they work?

The Conscious Mind

As the name suggests, the conscious mind gets in the picture when you’re in your “waking” state. It is said to comprise only 10% to 12% of your brain’s full capabilities. It’s the one responsible for voluntary actions (e.g. moving your skeletal muscles), decision-making, analysis, and reasoning.

The Subconscious Mind

Unlike popular belief, it’s not the conscious mind who’s the boss – it’s the subconscious mind. In fact, it comprises 50% to 88% of your brain’s total capacity. It’s the one who controls your autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for your heartbeat, breathing, digestion, and other body processes that don’t require conscious effort.

Your subconscious is also the storage factory for your memories. It’s these memories or learned behaviors that the conscious mind uses in making decisions or how it reacts to a certain environmental stimuli. This also molds your personality, behavior, and influences your belief systems.

How Do They Work Together?

It’s simple really. Basically, your conscious mind is the one that accepts and analyzes new information through your five senses. After analyzing, it sends the information to your subconscious mind where it’s processed in order to make sense of the whole thing.

That’s why if you’re already too tired to study, it’s better to sleep. It’s because it’s during sleep that your brain processes all the things your professor discussed in class and what you’ve studied. So, during tests or recitations, you can perform better.

How Our Innermost Thoughts Influence Our Habits, Beliefs, and Behavior

Do you know anyone who’s really bad in spelling?

Wonder why some likes to bite their nails, smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, or have unrealistic fears?

Scientists say that the formation years happen during the first six years of a person’s life. It’s during these early years that a child develops his or her identity, habits, beliefs, and behavior, which he or she will carry through adulthood.

Basically, a child’s brain is like clay that can be shaped in any way and just keeps accepting new information based on what they hear and see from their parents, guardians, or through social media. Take note – the brain doesn’t discriminate between good and bad.

For instance, believe it or not, there are people who are afraid of becoming rich or successful. Why? Perhaps when they were younger, their parents would tell them that money is evil or poor people should just be contented with being poor.

Though possible, you can’t change your old beliefs or behavior in an instant, especially if what you’re feeding your brain contradicts your pre-existing way of thinking. Your subconscious is not a “magic pill” that will kick out your bad habits in a blink of an eye.

Normally, this part of your brain is tapped by doing techniques, such as meditation or free association (uses key words to extract repressed thoughts or emotions).

If you really want to change, though, it’s not enough to look at yourself in the mirror and repeat positive affirmations. You also have to couple this with concrete action. Like exercising and dieting to lose weight.

Basically, that’s how this part of your brain works. As you can see, it’s really a powerful tool. So, make sure to feed your brain with positive things in order to have a healthy subconscious mind.

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I have had social anxiety since childhood. i have been told that the subconscious mind can take up to a year when the issue is nearly life long. I have been using the technique of twice daily/meditation and positive messages for approx 3 weeks with a good degree of success. However when a cousellor told me that it could take a year, I felt a bit disallusioned. as an expert yourself could you let me know what to expect and if the counsellor was correct. Thankyou so much for your time and hopeful reply. Regards Christine


Hi Christine,
Thanks for writing.
How long it takes usually depends on what you do to overcome the social anxiety that you’re experiencing. Right now you’re doing meditation and positive messages or affirmations. If you simply worked with just these two techniques it will take a year maybe longer. I suggest you work with other techniques to help you overcome your social anxiety. I provide many techniques and show you how to change your thought patterns and what’s on your subconscious in my Creating Power course. You can learn more at:
You’ve also been receiving my newsletters for over a year and these should give you some additional guidance.

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