Your success in working with our material is completely guaranteed for 90-days.
If within 90-days you are not satisfied with our material please contact us for return instructions and an RMA number.

To obtain an RMA number simply call our office at 416-227-9665. For RMA numbers you can send an email to:
For Customer Service Questions you can email:

Why do You Need an RMA Number?

Your success in using the Creating Power System and Creating Wealth program is completely guaranteed for 90-dayswhen you work with and apply the exercises.

Work with the Creating Power System or the Creating Wealth Program, complete it and do the exercises regularly and if within 3-months you do not see any results or improvements then contact us to request a refund.

How will we know you tried the course?

We’ll ask you a few simple questions that if you worked with the program will be easy to answer.

You also need an RMA number to make sure you send the material back to the right place and to insure that you do get a refund.

All material is subject to a restocking fee.
Restocking fees will be applied if any material is damaged or missing.
All material will be assessed at the time of return.

Returned product and packaging must be complete, undamaged and in original condition, otherwise refunds may be prorated or forfeited at Creating Power’s discretion. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Product Downloads:

Creating Power and Creating Wealth downloads are guaranteed for 30-days.

Refunds for Power Affirmation Mp3 Downloads that cover Manifesting Wealth and Abundance, Creating Confidence, Eliminating Fear and Anxiety, Overcoming Depression – both Quiet and Regular Versions will only be issued within 14 days of purcahse. After 14-days Mp3 downloads are non-refundable.

Refunds for Power Of Believing e-book downloads will only be issued within 14-days. After 14-days refunds for e-books will not be issued.

Refunds for Discounted Items and Items on Sale:

Refunds for items that have been discounted or on Sale will only be issued within 7-days of delivery. This applies to CDs, books, and downloads.

Should you have any questions or to return any of your material please contact Customer Service at: 416-227-9665 or email: