Which marketing services could be outsourced by fast growing or loaded companies?

Young companies, which are dependent on a positive image, especially in their start-up period

The importance of marketing for young and fast-growing companies

Marketing is a central and very important point in the corporate structure for every company. Nowadays it is also far more than just promoting a product or recruiting new customers. By using different possibilities Marketing not only defines the visibility of different products and services from the customers, it also significantly influences the overall image of the respective company in public. For young companies especially looking for a positive image in the start-up period, a professional, comprehensive and well-balanced marketing with a consistent strategy is just as important as it is for companies which are experiencing rapid growth due to their success and are therefore inevitably moved more into public view.

The different areas of marketing

Lots of people equate marketing with advertising, but that is not correct. In fact, it should be said that advertising in its different forms can only be a part of marketing, as marketing also covers other areas.
Indeed marketing is also the promotion of a product in a variety of forms, but it is also emphasizing an important corporate goal the company stands for and to form it actively.
For this reason, for example, many companies are engaged in areas which are in their area of ​​interest, starting from ecological projects in food companies up to international retailers who value specific aspects of international trade (such as fair trade).
Ultimately, however, modern marketing also comprises other areas, such as a well thought-out corporate identity, which is not only reflected in the company’s design, but sometimes even in the clothing of the employees.
Another important aspect of good marketing for many companies is reliable customer service or customer support.
Good marketing is also the ability to quickly identify customer needs and to respond accordingly. For that, companies often carry out surveys on specific topics.

Because the Internet is becoming increasingly prominent for many companies, also the area of Online and Internet marketing is a factor that should not be underestimated in the entire spectrum of a company. In addition to the best possible Internet presence of the company with a high-quality website, here effective search engine optimization is a crucial factor in order to be found and noticed by customers and prospects in the best possible way on the Internet.

The different areas that can be outsourced in marketing.

Young, busy or fast-growing companies are, depending on their respective situation, often unable to carry out all aspects of marketing in a sufficient and effective way. Here it makes sense to consequently outsource specific areas of marketing and hand it over to other specialized companies which can cover this area for the respective company. Particularly recurring, permanent and time-consuming areas provide a real relief for the company and its employees when they are outsourced and create new free capacities.
Activities and projects that can be outsourced in this context are for example:

  • Polls
  • Customer Support
  • Search engine optimization of the website (SEO)
  • Provision of benefits in kind and services that the respective company cannot afford (e.g. promotional items, corporate identity, etc.)

Of course, often not all available options used in marketing are suitable for the respective company. Therefore companies should evaluate already in advance, which actions are considerable for them.

Marketing on the Internet

One of the most outsourced areas is online marketing – also called digital marketing or web marketing. These are marketing activities on the Internet, which often rise complete different demands on a company than regular marketing. A specific sub-area here is, for example SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here the goal is, by using various strategic actions and latest SEO trends, to place the respective company on optimal positions in different search engines in the Internet and thus make it fast discoverable. However, since this requires a considerable amount of time and staff as well as special expertise, this area offers itself for outsourcing. In recent years a lot of companies that offer SEO and Online Marketing with the necessary professional competence are hired for their services.


The field of marketing nowadays is a column of the business structure for each company. Due to the diversity it is increasingly difficult to cover all areas in the necessary manner. This is why outsourcing often is a cost-effective and fast solution. Businesses and companies should consider in advance already which areas they would like to outsource.