Mind Power and Overcoming Fear

Using Mind Power and Your Subconscious to Overcome Fear

Using mind power and your subconscious mind to overcome fear can be done; it’s just a matter of doing the right things to eliminate the fear.

All of us have some kind of fear, whether it’s fear of the dark, snakes, heights, or even money. If you want to get rid of yours, it’s important that you understand how you can use your subconscious for overcoming fear.

What Is Fear?

Having fear is normal. All of us experience this one time or another. It’s our natural response to perceived danger.

During this state, the body usually releases chemicals, like adrenaline in the blood. That’s why you get that “adrenaline rush,” especially when faced with emergency situations. Your heart beats faster, breathing becomes difficult, and your body trembles.

However, most people’s fears are so intense that they become mentally and physically paralyzed. And when left untreated, their job, relationships, and sanity could suffer.

How to Use Your Subconscious for Overcoming Fear

Every fear has a story to tell. It just didn’t appear out of thin air. Most of the time these are experiences that are too traumatic or hurtful that people bury them in the deepest recesses of their mind – the subconscious.

These are only brought to the conscious mind when people encounter the very situation that’s tied to their fear.

Most people who have excessive fear recognize that they have a problem. There are times that this problem decreases in severity or might even completely disappear without any formal treatment. But it’s another story for severely afflicted individuals.

Most fears only happen in the mind. That’s because sufferers often “anticipate” bad things to happen. And that’s never good. Remember that the more you think about it, the more you attract it.

One big reason why the problem won’t go away is because you won’t let go of it. You keep taking out that shovel and just try to bury it away in your inner mind for the meantime. So, it just keeps manifesting in your life. The more you tighten your grip around your fear, the stronger it gets.

Treating Fears is a Lot Like Treating Allergies

Granted that the effects are not life-threatening, most people with allergies are usually treated by slowly exposing them to specific allergens. Like eating chicken maybe once or twice a week to sensitize the body until the condition decreases in severity or completely goes away.

That’s also a good way to help your subconscious overcome fear. You can slowly and repeatedly expose yourself to the situation or object that causes your anxiety attacks long enough that you get used to it and get comfortable.

However, this might not always prove to be easy for some people. Substitution might be more effective. Like if you’re afraid of speaking to those in authority at your office, you can gain confidence by joining certain organizations that train people in public speaking.

Of course, I’m not saying that you ditch formal medical interventions and just do it yourself. Always seek out your healthcare professional when dealing with severe cases of panic attacks or phobias to help train your subconscious mind for overcoming fear. Working with mind power to overcome fear is possible, it just takes practice and a little effort.

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